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Cuando intento abrir .Flow me tira un error que dice ???? tm ???? , no se como solucionarlo

No estás abriendo el juego con Applocale en japonés. Muchos archivos de .flow están en japonés, así que necesitas usar Applocale en ese idioma para que el sistema “pille” esos caracteres especiales, o si no no sabrá leerlos y dará error.

Do you plan to make another fangame?

I doubt it. I think I did everything I wanted to do with the fangame… genre? So the next step is to actually make a game that isn’t tied to another one, something new, probably a platformer or a puzzle game.

I’ve already downloaded Unity and I think it might be the engine for my next game, but anyway I don’t think I’ll be prepared to actually do something decent any time soon. Let’s say I’m taking a rest after finishing Someday, plus this year I might be somewhat busy, so if and when I do something, I’ll have to progress really slowly.

I'm a REALLY big fan of Someday ;w; I loved it just as much as Yume Nikki, it was very creative and had just the right amount of surrealism in it ^.^ I Was wondering if I could have your help making an RPG like yours ;w;

Wow, thank you very much!! ^^

Well I do have some dev help posts over there, but it’s also useful if you check yumeresource and pinkuboa's #dev help tag!

Remember when you told me about Peri0d? Do you plan on taking all of the Someday beta ideas and turn them into a game? It would be pretty interesting to see all of the scrapped ideas.

It wasn’t that different from Someday, really. All you need to know about PERiod is it wasn’t released at all, in turned into Someday eventually, and it all started with the Yume Nikki Meme I posted on deviantART.

But I can talk about even earlier ideas I had before even drawing it.

Its protagonist was Mizutsuki (lit. covered in water because I like water), and it was just your average game of just going through dreams with no coherent plot at all or even hints about his life. There were 10 doors at the good ol’ circular Nexus, each one leading to a color-themed world: red (probably volcanic), orange (desert?), yellow (wheat field?), lime (8-bit), green (grassland), cyan (underwater), cerulean, indigo, purple (space) and pink (basically the Pink Maze).

There was no horror at all, with the only foreboding place being a corridor in the purple world leading to a black door (spoopy), with a world that was basically a parody of Yume Nikki’s scariest events. The ending was basically the protagonist receiving a phone call and finally going outside.

And don’t get me started in the effects. All of them popular fandom references. I can’t believe I was going to make a Leekspin effect. 2011 was a weird meme year.

There’s one last reason why I’ll never make PERiod: I want to step forward and start making 3D games. Probably platformers. Or puzzle games. Or both. I don’t know, but I downloaded Unity and I’m going to spend some time messing with it. I won’t promise anything though - this might be a really busy year in every way possible and I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to make games. It might be a long time before you all hear about my next project, if I ever have one. But sorry, it’s not PERiod. PERiod was never a thing and I’m afraid it’ll never be. It wasn’t worth it, trust me. It’s time to move on and start a new page.

SPOILERS: Who are the NPCs of the Nice Bar? It's me or they are References?

That is so totally the sorta question it makes no sense for me to answer!

Too bad, that will stay shrouded in ~mystery~.

Can you please do anyone trying to find the save menu font and post the download link here? Apparently, the post with it has either spontaneously cumbusted or vanished off the face of the earth.

I think it’s MS Mincho, size 9. Also I think it’s there by default, if not, you can try and download it.

Un mes (y un día) después de sacar la v0.09, ¡aquí viene la traducción al español!

Tiene 24 efectos, 32 logros y tres finales. Así que el juego está completo.

Hay unas probabilidades mínimas de que saque a v0.10 en algún momento, pero lo dudo mucho, ya que 1. no hace falta 2. no creo que tenga mucho tiempo a partir de ahora y 3. aunque lo tuviera, quiero experimentar con otros tipos de juego en otros motores más avanzados que RPG Maker.

¡Si veis algún fallo, no dudéis en decírmelo! Aunque es de notar que no he traducido Zapnef ni… ciertas cosas que no debería contar, ya que serían spoilers graves. Es mejor dejarlas en inglés, en serio.

¡Que lo disfrutéis!

Well, I tried fanart. Note to self: never try fanart.

Also, try using something that isn't bezier curves.

So, I cheered myself up with stupidity.

This is where all Yume Nikki fangames are to be posted from now on.

*Insert boredom quip here*


Oh, it’s fine, I like it, hehe.

But… I don’t really get the second picture… Why is Itsuki there? Is he… in the “Nexus”?

Muy bien, en teoría la traducción al español de Someday v0.09 debería estar acabada. Mañana o pasado mañana la probaré, a ver si me falta algo.

En cualquier caso, he de avisar que no traduciré Zapnef (el juego está *literalmente* en inglés), además de otras cosas que es mejor dejar en inglés, no puedo decir qué ni por qué, ya que eso daría lugar a spoilers bastante graves.




Ah, neat! Thank you!